Monday, January 30, 2006

OK - let's hear it for the latest blatantly stupid trend. Salt. Yep - in a recent Newsweek TipSheet section - taste tests on salt were conducted - tongue in cheek, I'm sure. Turns out you can pay anywhere from about 75 cents for 26 oz. of ordinary table salt up to - are you ready for this - $17.95 for 16 oz. of Pink Himalaya Salt! Now - I don't want to put down the Himalayas (subtle pun there) - or the color pink - but how dumb is that? It presents a veritable saltmine of satire - a total collapse into the depths of dumbth. And to think I thought bottled water was stupid if your water supply isn't entertaining an aquarium full of coliform. (At least Perrier bottles make good bud vases).

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Did anyone watch The French & Indian War on PBS last night. Wow! (I always thought it was 'Wars' plural - but I'm not about to argue with near-perfection). Talk about knock-your-socks off! 9 to 11 PM and neither my husband nor I suffered from 'droopy-lid syndrome'. In past years, I've read a great deal about that era and some of the accounts last night were like revisiting a place where I had been. The account of Braddock's ill-fated campaign and the story of the exodus of the British from Fort William Henry under a white flag when the disgruntled Indian allies of the French fell upon the evacuees despite French efforts to hold them back - amazing. And do you realize easily we might have lost George Washington - he was a young 'wet behind the ears' & none too competent officer with Braddock's army. The conclusion should be next Wednesday night, I assume. Don't miss it!