Thursday, November 24, 2005

Well - there he goes again - my beloved George Will - the 'thinking conservative' - which I used to consider an oxymoron till I met George. The following is from his column in The Washington Post this week:

"Thomas Jefferson's view:

"It does me no injury," said Thomas Jefferson, "for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." But it is injurious, and unneighborly, when zealots try to compel public education to infuse theism into scientific education. The conservative coalition, which is coming unglued for many reasons, will rapidly disintegrate if limited-government conservatives become convinced that social conservatives are unwilling to concentrate their character-building and soul-saving energies on the private institutions that mediate between individuals and government, and instead try to conscript government into sectarian crusades."

So cool - so calm - so reasonable - unlike my snotty remarks. Carol Burnett can have John Foster Dulles - I have George Will.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reply sent to a recent e-mail about Billy Graham's daughter protesting the lack of religion in our country today:

Unfortunately the Uber-Christians show no restraint at all - witness their efforts to expell evolution from the schools - 'yep - them diny-sores lived 6,000 yars ago'.
Yessirree - the Taliban had it right - so did Henry VIII, who cut off the Catholic's heads - and his daughter (preceding Liz I) who burned Protestants at the stake (those Episcopalians always were uppity anyway)..... And let's not forget the Spanish Inquisition...
Sheesh - we should be so grateful that our founding fathers were religious but they were not religious zealots. The memory of various religious persecutions was too recent and too vivid in their memories for that.
Know what - the Uber-Liberals are just as bad - sueing to keep a creche out of the town square fer crying out loud! They should remember that every action has a reaction - the tsunami is deadliest after it rolls out - and comes roaring back in with a vengeance.
What fools these mortals be....