Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Carol Burnett fell in love with John Foster Dulles. Well, my (previously stated here) crush on George F. Will is confirmed by his latest (April 28th) essay in Newsweek - Shock & Awe in Iraq. Reading it, my love for GF definitely deepened.

People generally admire those whom they agree with - or who agree with them. Nothing new there. But ... me and a *gasp* died in the wool conservative?!? Incredible!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

OK - I confess. I'm a reverse snob. If everyone else has it - I don't want it. If they have bigger and better - I want smaller and - unusual.

We're in the midst of kitchen remodeling. The builders assumed I wanted the counter top du jour - i.e. granite (though concrete is moving up fast on its flank). No-o-o - it was a toss-up between ancient formica-type and old-hat (though expensive) Corian. Corian won - because we don't have extensive counter tops in our new place.

It was assumed that we wanted the kitchen floor du jour - hardwood. No-o-o-o - the linoleum that was there was fairly new & attractive. God forbid we should get ceramic tile - which isn't trendy right now - fortunately - because it gets really nasty (particularly in bathrooms where we do have it). Oh well. Can't get everything right.

Bathrooms. Well - we couldn't really make the bathrooms larger but we did remodel them a bit - and in the course of picking out fixtures, etc. - got a pretty good idea of the bathroom du jour. First of all - they're HUGE - and have you seen the new basins that look like bowls sitting on the counter top? (I have to admit that they look pretty snazzy - and eminently chipable - but hey - it's only money).

Then there's the new Kohler tub that actually is designed to overflow. The water flows over the edge into a sort of - well - OK - no other word for it - a gutter. It recirculates and creates the relaxing sound of.... a fountain. Just think - the water you've soaped yourself up in recirculates endlessly - a sort of murky gray fountain. Lovely.

Get a grip, people - what's a bathroom for? We're talking about a CRAPPER for crying out loud.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

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