Thursday, June 01, 2006

The so-called conservative Supreme Court judges appointed by St. George of Bush have proved their perspicacity twice recently - once when they made their well known decision on eminent domain - which permits a business to take your land without your agreement. (If you live next door to any facility ruled by Halliburton - you are doomed)!

Then came decision #2 demonstrating this Supreme Court's level of integrity and intelligence. Now any government worker that blows the whistle on his employer - is at blame and without recourse. Hell yes. That makes sense! Every government agency, every politician is entitled to the pursuit of happiness/money/power - just like that dumb Democrat from Louisiana. Let us not forget that the FBI which searched and seized property of that intellectual & moral giant with a warrant that would suffice for doing the same to any of us - that FBI is being censured by politicians of both parties. Do we have the fox guarding the henhouse or what?!

Anyway - I hope all the dim-bulbs that voted for St. George are happy. They soiled their own beds - and now all of us are sleeping in it.