Saturday, October 30, 2004

Toldja!! When will Osama listen to me??

From Google's News Page;

"As the candidates spent their last Saturday before Tuesday's election attacking one another over terrorism, political analysts were quick to suggest that bin Laden's intervention would favour Bush, who has consistently led John Kerry on security."

Dammit Osama - unless you're a member of the Republican National Committee (could happen) - SHUT UP!

SO - those dips in the road known as Islamic terrorists have added their 2 cents to our current political campaign in the form of a communication from The Holy Terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

My message to the Holy Terror & his minions:

Butt out unless you really want to see Bush re-elected!! You have absolutely no concept of the way the American psyche works. Sheesh. Do your homework.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Reflecting today on the headlines in today's paper and their relevance to the upcoming election, a singular thought occurred to me. Both we and the Iraqi people were better off with the monster Saddam in power. What a weird thought - but think about it. The Iraqi people are no better off with the monster-terrorists rampaging through their country. God knows - we are no better off. The monster-terrorists have gained a new lease on life - a new & fertile recruiting ground. This will not end. It will not end if we were to leave Iraq tomorrow. John Kerry cannot end it - this dreadful situation that George W. Bush has enmeshed us in.

I hear people now, responding to this with "Are you saying we should have left the monster Hitler in power?" The difference is that Hitler was an aggressor - a threat to the world. Would Saddam have become such a threat? Maybe - and maybe Iran will create a nuclear bomb and what about the other unfriendly countries in the Middle East? I believe that descibes most of them. Should we attack them in a pre-emptive move?

George W. Bush has put our country in mortal danger.