Saturday, October 23, 2004

Reflecting today on the headlines in today's paper and their relevance to the upcoming election, a singular thought occurred to me. Both we and the Iraqi people were better off with the monster Saddam in power. What a weird thought - but think about it. The Iraqi people are no better off with the monster-terrorists rampaging through their country. God knows - we are no better off. The monster-terrorists have gained a new lease on life - a new & fertile recruiting ground. This will not end. It will not end if we were to leave Iraq tomorrow. John Kerry cannot end it - this dreadful situation that George W. Bush has enmeshed us in.

I hear people now, responding to this with "Are you saying we should have left the monster Hitler in power?" The difference is that Hitler was an aggressor - a threat to the world. Would Saddam have become such a threat? Maybe - and maybe Iran will create a nuclear bomb and what about the other unfriendly countries in the Middle East? I believe that descibes most of them. Should we attack them in a pre-emptive move?

George W. Bush has put our country in mortal danger.


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