Friday, September 10, 2004

<>This is free speech? Excuse me while I go throw up!!!

Pennsylvania child porn law struck down

Posted September 10, 2004 @ 7:45 PM
Eric Bangeman

A federal judge today overturned a Pennsylvania law aimed at restricting access to web sites hosting child pornography. Pennsylvania Statute 7330 required ISPs to block access by the customers to child porn sites. In the decision, US District Judge Jan DuBois cited both free speech issues and concerns that the law would do little to curb the problem of child pornography.

"There is little evidence that the act has reduced the production of child pornography or the child sexual abuse associated with its creation," DuBois wrote. "On the other hand, there is an abundance of evidence that implementation of the act has resulted in massive suppression of speech protected by the First Amendment."


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