Tuesday, March 30, 2004

If you've been reading my Blog faithfully (of course you have) - you may remember my notes on cable TV treating the consumer like a cash crop. The following just appeared in my mailbox - an e-letter I subscribe to - it's from Rob Pegoraro's column in the Washington Post:

".....I hit the Web site of Rogers Cable, the Comcast of Canada, and quickly found a price list for digital-cable service that features a "Create Your Own Package" option. This lets subscribers pick up an individual channel for $2.49 a month, 5 channels for $9.95, 10 for $14.95 and 15 for $18.75 and so on (all figures in Canadian dollars, of course, so knock about 20 percent off each to get the cost in greenbacks).

What gives, eh?"

You go, Rob!!! Oh, Canada...


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