Thursday, January 12, 2012

Damn. The Supremes have once again demonstrated their moral & intellectual uncertainty. They ruled that CORPORATIONS are PEOPLE - and as such can donate any amount of money to political candidates anonymously. Yes - they are made up of people - individuals who have the right to make donations individually. What the court has enabled is the transfer of million of dollars to candidates & parties without any accountability. This has given rise to the so-called 'Super Pacs' that can sponsor either party. What the bloody hell was the court thinking?! Where does that leave 'Joe the plumber' (sorry - I couldn't resist) with his $10 donation? Without a helluva lot of influence is an understatement.

My Soapbox blog has been neglected! Now is the time to resume paying some attention here. We are on the brink of chaos in this election year of 2012. It appears that Pres. Obama will face Mitt Romney in the presidential election this November. Romney seems a decent sort but he  has gravitated toward the lunatic fringe of the Republican party - the so-called 'Tea Party'. The House of Representatives has been hi-jacked by the extreme right and can no longer be called 'representative' of the bulk of Americans. Stay tuned.