Thursday, January 19, 2006

Did anyone watch The French & Indian War on PBS last night. Wow! (I always thought it was 'Wars' plural - but I'm not about to argue with near-perfection). Talk about knock-your-socks off! 9 to 11 PM and neither my husband nor I suffered from 'droopy-lid syndrome'. In past years, I've read a great deal about that era and some of the accounts last night were like revisiting a place where I had been. The account of Braddock's ill-fated campaign and the story of the exodus of the British from Fort William Henry under a white flag when the disgruntled Indian allies of the French fell upon the evacuees despite French efforts to hold them back - amazing. And do you realize easily we might have lost George Washington - he was a young 'wet behind the ears' & none too competent officer with Braddock's army. The conclusion should be next Wednesday night, I assume. Don't miss it!


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