Sunday, July 13, 2003

I've said this before - we are no longer 'consumers' - we are now regarded as a 'cash crop'. Consider the cable company - they pile fees on top of fees - $extra for this feature and $extra for that feature. The features are usually packages that include nonentities like Lower Slobovian Tent Toss Teams along with one or two desirable channels. And don't get me started on that miserable miscarriage of technology known as digital cable. It's so bad they have to run a special channel of instructions on how to use the bloody thing. Like the people who have been unable to set their VCR clock for decades can figure out that can of worms?

And have you heard - can't believe I forgot to mention this - the latest rumor is that the Charmin people are going to start instituting a monthly fee - no more buying toilet paper outright! And there will be no refunds! Pretty crappy if you ask me - but what's the alternative - Witch Hobble aka the woodman's friend? I guess you've got to go with the trends..... face it people - we're being wiped clean!


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