Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Twice in the last week, I've clicked on something that requires a Java Applet. Immediately the Microsoft Download window opens and tells me that I don't have and need the latest version. Nowhere do I see a download with apparent reference to Java.

So - I went to Sun Systems site and downloaded Java. Right. After installing it, Java places a cute little old steaming coffee cup on my desktop that opens applications I didn't ask for. When I click on Internet Explorer - it now opens as a Pop-Up - that is, I have to right click on the icon, hold down CTRL and click on "Open Home Page' to open Explorer. I have Pop-Up Stopper & am familiar with that drill but normally don't have to use it to open my browser.

Next - I clicked on the Forum and can read the messages but when I tried to post - my computer hung & Ctrl/Alt/Del had to be pressed multiple times to unlock it. When I completely uninstalled Java - I still couldn't access the browser till I rebooted. Then all was well.

Now I know the Corporate Boobs at Microsoft & Java have been tearing at each other throats for a long time but what the bloody ^%&$# is going on here. Personally I don't care if the corporate entities eat each other's young but when the blood letting interferes with my ability to use my computer the way it's meant to be used - you could say I get my knickers in a bit of a twist.


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