Saturday, March 15, 2003

I must admit that occasionally the French do irritate me...f'rinstance - when they get their knickers in a twist over the 'corruption' of their language by English words and start talking about prohibiting such use. (Think 'le hot dog'). Right. Well - how about our language here in the USA - English? (I realize the Brits may take issue with that).Think about it, people. One time, after reading about a diatribe on the language issue by some French politician in Canada, I started making such a list of French words 'corrupting' the English language. Words like Bureau, attache, chaise, milieu, ambiance, encore, saute, decoupage, lavaliere (yeah - it's an old fashioned word for 'pendant necklace) - and maybe the most appropriate, relevant to this discussion - derriere. (OK - too much time on my hands). It filled a whole sheet of paper - and I was only scratching the surface.... Try it - you'll be surprised.


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