Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Why has spam bloated to dead-whale-on-the-beach proportions? 'Tis said there are actually people out there who will order from these slugs (slugs as in slimy, crawling things). Have you ever 'bitten'? I know I haven't. Nope. No Viagra, no enlarged body parts, no hot babes, no insurance or loans or mortgages or diets or........... well - you get the drift. I would never order or even respond to garbage mail. Ever.

Do you suppose that if no one ever - as in never - responded to unsolicited e-mail, it would die of its own weight? Is it worth trying? Can we start an international movement. Could happen. We could call it DALAD (Don't Act Like A Dummy). Just copy this whole message and send it to everyone you know. If you do, something wonderful will happen to you within 5 minutes and if you don't, your intestines will blow up... oops - wait a minute - I'm thinking of another kind of annoying junk mail............


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