Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Reparations for ancient grievances is a joke. I refer to both Indian land claims and now - talk of slavery reparations extracted from companies that profited from slavery more than 130 years ago.

These claims can't be compared to 'reparations' for Holocaust victims. In that instance, 'recovery of stolen goods' would be a more apt term. Many of those whose property was stolen - or their children - are still alive. Their assets are tangible and traceable - X dollars went to X Bank, X jewelry or paintings are in the possession of X.

How, in the name of common sense, can comparisons be made between such relatively recent crimes, whose principals still survive - and reparations to an entire class of citizens based on transgressions - real or assumed - of the ancestors of present day targets of such claims. Let me note that I really hate to side with the insurance industry and other 'multibillion-dollar corporations' - but the whole issue is illogical - a manifestation. of gimme.

FYI - this writer had an Indian great-grandmother - really. Excuse me now while I go claim my neighbor's land.... (point made).


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